Creekside Harvest           $10.00

Sweet - Spiced Apple

​almost like liquid apple pie!!

​Creekside White       $11.00

Blend of Vidal/Chardonnay

​Crisp and refreshing

​Hummingbird Red         $10.00

Catawba/Chambourcin blend

​slightly sweet - with notes of cranberry

O'Bannon Creek Vineyard

Creekside Red         $11.00

​A blend of Chambourcin and Frontenac

​a fruit forward blend - smooth and ripe

​Hummingbird White        $10.00

Blend of Niagra/Vidal

​Sweet, distinctive niagra grapey taste


Vidal                          $12.00

semi dry - notes of grapefruit and pineapple

We have 7 different wines for you to try:


Chambourcin     $12.00

​soft, with notes of black cherry